34th Annual ISCYPAA
Illinois State Conference Of Young People In
Alcoholics Anonymous

Welcome to ISCYPAA!
ISCYPAA is an annual Alcoholics Anonymous conference
held in the
state of Illinois.  It is an event for any and all members of
and is organized primarily by young, recovering
We define young as "room to grow".
Register Online For The Conference HERE!!!! Type your first and last name here and press Buy Now
We do stuff all over the state to help young people learn that you can be sober and still have a life!
Here are some of the events we have coming up.
There is also a private (anonymity) facebook group that we can help you join up with.
Register your hotel room HERE!!! You will NOT be charged until the conference
Bid Committee Packet
Host Committee Packet
Advisory Information Packet
Game Of Assassins Fundraiser